What is your shooting style?

You have probably browsed through our sample videos on our site or blog, so you may notice that it is somewhat dramatic. Yes, we love to add drama on your wedding film to add some spice to your wedding film, and also to make it more memorable, just like our company tagline “Remember.Reminisce.Relive.”.  But we are not limited on drama, we can be hip or elegant, depending on the mood of the event and personality of our couple.In short, we don’t want your wedding film to be boring. We always want the film to be memorable to our couple.

What kind of equipment do you use? 

Our studio uses top quality camera bodies (High End Canon DSLR Cameras) along with quality lenses. We also use professional audio equipments (Lapel and an external recorder). We believe that a film should have a good story and should also be paired with a good image quality and audio.

Do you shoot in HD (High Definition)?

Yes, we shoot your wedding using HDSLR cameras in 1080p.

What is the difference between the Same day edit video and the Highlights (Feature Film) video?

The Same day edit vide or mostly known as “SDE” or Onsite video is the compilation of footage we have shot from preparation till before the reception starts (sometimes before dinner), normally shown at the last part of the dinner. We usually ask our clients to give us at least 3-4 hours time to edit after the dinner starts before show time.

 The Highlights video is the compiled footage we have shot from preparation till the end of reception (with speeches) and is creatively pieced to be truly memorable for our couple.

When will I get my wedding film?

You will get your wedding video within 2-5 months from your wedding date. We work hard on it to make sure that the end result is a wedding film that can make you enjoy and reminisce, watching and sharing with your loved ones, and that takes time.

Do we have to provide you with a meal on the day of the wedding?

It would be greatly appreciated if you are able to provide a vendor’s meal. The shoots are long (usually 10-12 hours) and we do need to keep up our energy so we can do our best work.

Do you have Facebook?

Yes! We have an FB page that gets the most recent updates from our previous works. Add us here–>>4:26 Studios Facebook Page

What do you require to book or reserve our wedding date?

We currently require a deposit fee depending on the package you will book. Please look at the Package/Rates page for more info.

We cannot promise to hold a date unless the deposit payment is made.

Is the deposit refundable?

Unfortunately, the deposit is non-refundable. Once the deposit is made, we reserve that date for your wedding and we turn down other couples that are requesting that date.

For out of town weddings, what do travel expenses include?

Travel expenses, which the couple will shoulder, include accommodation, food, visa (for out of the country weddings) and transportation expenses. Out of town (OOT) fee is separate and depends on which place the shoot will take place.

For more details just shoot us an email at 426studios@hotmail.ph, we’d be happy to clarify things ;)

When is payment due? Can we pay you after the wedding?

The details of when the payments are due are stated in the contract that you signed. The final payment needs to be made two weeks before  or during the wedding date.

For more info, please shoot us an email on 426studios@hotmail.ph